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PT. UWT Indonesia

When it comes to the complete purification of water and wastewater, never compromise. UWT Indonesia has always been integrating the latest innovations in water treatment technology to guarantee purity and reliability, while producing breakthrough solutions. From chemical, life sciences, mining, marine, to F&B industry, our precisely engineered treatment systems are designed to accommodate every client’s operational processes. Working with us, therefore, means unlocking your own business potentials.

How can we help you?


Water Treatment Solutions

By partnering with us, our professional teams will stand by you in planning, designing, installing, and the everyday operations of the required water and wastewater treatment facilities. All this is done while taking into consideration your specific needs, problem statements, industry.


Engineering Procurement Construction Commissioning

Our connections and network of system specialists are at your disposal. From the commissioning of filtration and conventional clarification systems to the procurement of advanced membrane technologies for industrial needs, you will find the most suitable solution for your every condition.


Water Infrastructure Analysis

Lowering the level of Non-Revenue Water (NRW) may be tricky and a long-winding journey. This is in fact one of the things we try to solve as we analyse the conditions of your water infrastructure, and re-align with you on the daily operations and management of your piping networks.

TIME: Transformation, Improvement, Maintenance, Efficiency

In some cases, your existing facilities may already be working fine, and replacing or installing new water or wastewater treatment facilities may not be necessary. But there is always room for improvement. Not only can we assist you in operating and maintaining your existing facilities daily for an agreed period of time, we can also study how your facilities run, suggest ways to improve and increase cost efficiency, and if needed, transform your daily ways of working, operations and infrastructure.

Construction Classification

Water / Waste Water Treatment Construction Services
Waste Processing Construction Services

Construction Qualification

Grade M2

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