Services & Products


Engineering, procurement, construction & commissioning (EPCC)


Having established more than 50 water and wastewater projects across Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Diego Garcia (UK), Malaysia, Philippines and Iraq since 2005, our services provide municipal and industrial clients everything needed to commission a full-scale treatment system, from the design phase, procurement, to the actual construction it self.


With workshops and engineering teams based in Singapore and Indonesia, we offer diverse knowledge and experience to help you overcome any technical challenge you may face.


Operation & Maintenance Services


In the long run, you’ll need to maintain your systems to ensure efficient operations. Our teams have acquired considerable expertise, including in municipal, sewage, and waste treatment systems, and are able to support industrial and municipal clients with end-to-end operational maintenance services.


As an added support, our Cloud-based (IoT) remote monitoring platform (such as SmartSense) will provide you insights on how to optimize and detect early problems in your day-to-day operations, wherever you are in Indonesia



Water Investment (ROT/BOT/BOO)


Our partnership with PT. Unitras Pertama (a major shareholder of PT. Saratoga Investama Sedaya) enables us to provide municipal and industrial clients with in-dept financing solutions to analyse CAPEX investment in water & wastewater treatment, along with other investment schemes, which may include:


  • Rehabilitate/Refurbish Operate Transfer (ROT)
  • Rehabilitate/Refurbish Uprate Operate Transfer (RUOT)
  • Build Operate Transfer (BOT)
  • Build Own Operate (BOO)


Water Treatment Solutions


  • Tube & Plate Settler Clarifier
  • Activated Media Filter (MICROSEP)
  • Ultrafiltration (UF) Systems
  • Zeeweed 1000
  • Zeeweed 1500
  • Zeeweed 700B
  • Ion Exchange Systems
  • Softener
  • 2BD system
  • SDI system
  • Nanofiltration Systems
  • Nano-SD Series
  • Nano-SW Series
  • Nano-HF Series
  • Reverse Osmosis & Nanofiltration Systems
  • Brackish RO Systems
  • Sea Water RO Systems
  • Electro-Deionisation Systems (EDI)
  • E-Cell system
  • RO DI system


Wastewater Treatment Solutions


  • Moving Bed Bioreactor Plus (MBBR+)
  • Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
  • Sub-MBR system
  • TMF-MBR system
  • Tubular Membrane Filter (TMF) Recovery System
  • Indigo Dye Recovery system
  • Leachate Treatment system
  • Metal Recovery system



Customized Engineered Solutions


  • Ultrafine Aeration System
  • Airflex Ultrafine Diffuser
  • M-Nano Aeration System
  • Biofilm Online Sensor & Solutions